Trippin Billies 

"The nation's most renown, original and longest touring tribute to the Dave Matthews Band" 


Trippin Billies, the country's first DMB tribute band, has been bringing fans the music of The Dave Matthews Band for over twenty years; they have become the gold standard for tribute bands. Based out of Chicago, the Billies have toured extensively throughout the U.S., performing at many of the same theaters Dave himself once graced, from the Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado, to festivals in New York. 

Comprised of some of the best musicians in Chicago (Chicago’s WXRT), one need not be a diehard DMB fan to enjoy a show. The high-energy performance and caliber of musicianship will have you singing along by the second chorus. But if you are a Dave Matthews band fan, don't walk; run to see this band. Relix magazine has named them the top five tributes in the country for a good reason; come find out why hundreds of thousands of people have flocked to see them.